Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oodles of Doodles!

World of Wardrobe

So I recently started roleplaying a Goblin Shaman... and I am having a blast!! Everything looks good on her. Chunky mail that I thought looked hideous on my other characters just look adorable on her. Today I was looking through her many outfits when I began to wonder... why did I never play dress up with the barbie dolls I owned as a kid? I obviously enjoy it. Thank you World of Wardrobe - The new replacement for dress up dollies.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Two New Videos!~ "House of SilverJinx Commercial" and "Brewing up a Pillsbury Bake-Off name!"

Tagged! Your it!~

I was tagged by Dandilyon over at,  The Rules are easy enough:  The rules are simple, Answer six questions about yourself on your blog and then tag five other bloggy friends.

1. Do you think you’re hot? 

Right now? Hell yes - It's like 97 degrees out right now.

2.Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment.

3. When was the last time you ate chicken?

Yesterday in Stir Fry :)

4. The song you listened to recently.

CrushCrushFaint - Linkin Park/Paramore

5. What were you thinking while doing this?

What character should I log onto today...?

6. Do you have nicknames? What are they?

Ember... Kitty... Dawn... Kir-kir... Kitten... Babie (Pronounced "Baby") - When you've been playing Online Games for a while, you tend to have a separate nickname for each group of friends. Although overall people know me as either Kitty or Ember.

7. Tag 5 blogger friends.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Low Level WoW Fashion: An Outfit for any role!

I decided to see if I could come up with some interesting low level outfits (Max level 30) for all kinds of roles within World of Warcraft roleplay. In WoW, many people describe their character as more than an adventurer such as a blacksmith or baker. Most of the time we like to dress the part, so without further ado... these are a few outfits I came up with.

Back in Black

Circus Stripes

The Inventor

Children of the Blood

Da Voodoo

Too Sexy for my...

Knock, Knock!

Pretty in Purple

Low Level WoW Fashion: Outfits I have used

The main thing on roleplay servers in World of Warcraft that I learned is to look good. Most of the time people won't approach you if your avatar looks like crap, regardless of the way you roleplay (Unless your character is a poor or something and is supposed to look like crap ^^)

After playing for a few days on Moon Guard, I discovered a few cute low level outfits to keep me lookin' good while not really grinding all that much for levels.

First one I discovered went immediately on my bank alt (Not requiring a level to wear). This is called "Dark Green Wedding Hanbok", this and other cute dresses are sold in Stormwind, Undercity and Moonglade.

Another cute robe I found are "Seryl's Robes" which, regrettably, are only obtained through the Worgen Questline in "Losing your Tail". The nice part about it is that they share appearance with the "Waterbearer's Robes" which comes from the quest, "Wildmane Cleansing".

Another "Worgen Only" item is this cute staff obtained from the quest, "Neither Human Nor Beast". What I especially love about the "Staff of Earned Tranquility" is that flower petals fall from it while sheathed or unsheathed, giving it a romantic look. Good for a "Love is in the Air" outfit.

This outfit I kind of came upon randomly while questing in Silverpine forest. Most of these items can be obtained from doing the questline from Sylvanas. I thought this outfit was great for a travelling medic, rogue or simply an adventurer. It fit well with my troll as she was a healer.

I really liked the "Spellbinder Robe" that dropped for me in Shadowfang Keep. (Although I believe they drop elsewhere to) They are low level and start out as "Bind on Equip" meaning you might find them in the auction house if your not the farming type.

The "Simple Black Dress" is anything from simple in the world of fashion. What I like about this dress (besides the fact that it has no level requirement) is the ribbon sash that goes around the waist although this also means the dress doesn't look well with a belt. I think it looks best when worn by a human although it's not to bad on a worgen either. This dress can be crafted by tailors with a skill level of 235.

Of course who could forget the adorable, "Red Winter Clothes". This makes quite the set when paired with "Recruit's Boots" (A starter item for most warriors and sold by Thomas Yance) This item has no level requirement and can be crafted by Tailors with a skill level of 250.

Server Tourist Attraction: Goldshire (Moon Guard US)

So as I said in my last post, I recently transferred to the lovely RP server of Moon Guard. While leveling up my mage, I ran to the town of Goldshire to begin questing. Immediately I was struck by how odd it was to find so many players in the small town. Usually you don't find that kind of activity anywhere but major cities. Guessing they were probably roleplaying, I headed into the inn. At the time I had no idea how right I was...

Upon entering the Inn or "Bar" as I've heard a few players call it - I was even more shocked. It was PACKED with naked or scantily dressed avatars dancing on tables, chairs or even on each other. Coming from a PVP server, this was not an everyday sight. I figured it must have been a Guild Event, but every day since, any time of day, you can find probably half the server dancing naked in the Goldshire Inn.

What are they doing exactly? People on this server call it, ERP or Erotic Roleplay. Everyone in that tavern is pretending to have massive orgys with each other. (Probably giving the small town the nickname, "Pornshire")

Also upstairs is said to be the center of PVP on the server. Many blood elves and other horde dance on the beds found inside one of the rooms there while others turn on their flag and taunt the alliance.

All in all, this was a very interesting discovery - Although, I'm not sure if I'll be returning for anything besides leveling. I visited a few other RP servers to see if they had similar problems but I haven't been able to find one yet. Congratulations Moon Guard, your special! :)